Welcome to Little Bears!

Spring 12-weeks* | April 11 to July 3

Summer 8-weeks* | July 11 to September 4

All classes are 45 min. in length, with parent/caregiver. 12-week classes start at $275, 8-week classes are $185. Pay per class option available after the second week of classes at $25/class.

For two or more children, use code: second for $20 off each child.

Marina District at Fort Mason Center | Noe Valley at Noe Valley Ministry | Mill Valley at Sweetwater Music Hall

(sign-up here for classes that have already started)

Top five reasons why Little Bears Music Classes are right for you and your toddler:

1. Our teachers are actual musicians who love making music!
2. Singing helps children with vocal and speech development.
3. Dancing and instrument play help children develop motor skills.
4. Aural training helps children build listening and concentration skills.
5. Because kids and adults love to rock!

Sing your heart out, move to the music and make some noise!


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