We couldn’t fit everyone into one Zoom screen, but a few of us got together to send a message from all of us at Blue Bear. This 90-second video brings our community together around the amazing power of music.  “Music isn’t going anywhere.”

Blue Bear Music Mentors

Conversations about the power of music.

In this time of social distancing, we’ve been finding new ways to show that music hasn’t left us and that its ability to inspire us is even stronger. Music Mentors, hosted by Blue Bear’s Outreach Director Cole Berggren and brought to you with generous financial support from Camille and Chris Bently, is a deep dive with artists, teachers, and students, into why we love music.

Filled with stories, anecdotes, lessons, and even performances, the focus is on the joy of music, sometimes delving into specific elements of a song, artist or instrument, and sometimes discussing the Big Picture. 

In our series opener, Cole sits down (in a Zoom kind of way) and talks music with Tommy Cappel of Beats Antique. To see more of these as they come out, please visit our Facebook page Thursday and Sunday mornings. 


Blue Bear Virtual Happy Hours

Great music, as live as we can make it! This is virtually the best show in town! We know you miss seeing great live music with friends as much as we do. Join us for the next best thing –  Blue Bear Happy Hour, Zoom-style!

Blue Bear Virtual Concert Series

In our Virtual Concert Series, (Summer 2020 / Fall 2020 / Winter 2021/ Spring 2021) Blue Bear’s Outreach Director and resident DJ curates the internet’s most amazing live performances – from sublime beauty to blunt ferociousness, intimate solo performances to grandiose festival triumphs. All genres and eras are explored, so head to our Facebook page every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday mornings for an example of a great performance that we hope will inspire you with the power of live music.

Music Connects Us: Stories from the Bear

A few months ago, our board and staff spent some time reflecting and writing stories about songs that had special meaning to us. Again and again, our stories seemed to carry such meaning because they gave us a sense of connection.   

At the time, we had no idea what 2020 would bring, or how much we’d need to feel the connection that only music can bring.  We thought it would be a great time to bring these stories out again, and I’m delighted to share them all with you.  Enjoy!

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