Blue Bear Brings Music Everywhere!

Or at least we want to!  We’ve seen firsthand how music brings joy, forms connections, and creates communities, and we have a lofty goal of bringing the transformative power of music to as many people as possible – especially in underserved schools and neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay Area.

With the help of individual donors and foundations, we are able to bring free and low-cost music classes to our wonderful partners.  Through longtime partnerships at places like Glide Memorial, the Bayview Y, Hamilton Familes Shelter, the SF Public Library and the Tenderloin Rec Center, we get to see how MAKING MUSIC CHANGES LIVES, and we are always working to expand our reach and to bring music everywhere we can.  Support our outreach programs today!


Where Technology Meets the Arts!  Our dedicated Digital Audio programs empower youth to write, produce and record their own original music using industry-leading tools such as GarageBand, Ableton, Logic and Protools, while preparing the most dedicated students with pre-professional skill development in digital audio, DJ and sound engineering.  For song samples from students at our Digital Audio program at Bayview/Hunters Point YMCA, check out Blue Bear’s SoundCloud page.


Students benefit from high quality instruction from Blue Bear artists-in-residence and from public performances that build confidence and self esteem.


Music classes for children aged 4 months to 5 years.  Kids experience live music, catchy rhythms, and captivating teachers!

Benefits of Learning to Play Music

  1. Boosts lifelong brain function
  2. Increases coordination and motor skills
  3. Teaches patience, perseverance, and concentration
  4. Boosts confidence and self-esteem
  5. Provides a positive outlet for expression and connection
  6. Improves social skills, such as the ability to give and take constructive criticism
  7. Improves academic skills in reading comprehension and math
  8. Develops teamwork skills and discipline
  9. Expands cross-cultural knowledge and empathy
  10. Promotes happiness
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