Call 415.673.3600, text ‪415.340.0970,‬ or email the front desk to drop a class.

For most group programs, if you let us know at least two days before the second meeting we can refund all but 15% of the total class tuition. If you want to switch to a different class, we may be able to transfer all your tuition. After the second course meeting, there are no refunds or transfers of credit.

For Little Bears classes, we’ll refund 100% of your tuition if you drop two days before the second class.  After the second class, no refunds shall be given. However, we understand children live on their own schedules, and we will do our best to figure out a good solution for you.

If you need to drop a Summer Camp for any reason, we will give refunds based on the following schedule:

  • 90% refund with at least three months notice
  • 70% refund with two-three months notice
  • 50% refund with six-eight weeks notice

No refunds are available with less than six weeks’ notice unless we can fill your child’s spot with a full-paying camper, in which case a 70% refund will be given.

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