Little Bears in the Park

Welcome to the home page for Little Bears’ Park classes! Blue Bear is a music school that runs in-person, socially distanced outdoor toddler classes all over San Francisco. We also have a few classes in the East Bay. We know that it’s sunny out (and hopefully not too smoky!) and after a year inside everyone is excited for outdoor toddler classes in San Francisco. We have been in the parks since July 2020 and have honed our craft to provide the best outdoor music classes possible! Still not convinced? Check out the story that ABC7 did about our pandemic era classes!


We currently have classes in San Francisco in the following parks: Golden Gate Park (near Stow Lake), Great Meadow Park (Fort Mason), Little Marina Green (across the street from Palace of Fine Arts), St. Mary’s Rec Center, Douglass Park, Noe Courts (the field just north of the courts), Argonne Elementary, and the Panhandle Picnic Area. We also have classes in the East Bay, in Memorial Park in Albany and at Colby Park in North Oakland. Please scroll down for the full Summer class schedule!


Looking for something else for your little one? Email Tennessee at He’ll get back to you soon!

Want to join? Send us an email to

Enrollment is open for fall! Enrollment for these classes is done by hand to comply with city and county guidelines. You cannot sign up online. Please email to enroll or with any other inquiries. Writing with your preferred park/neighborhood, day of the week, and times will make the enrollment process faster.

Fall class schedule is as follows:

– Monday at 10am with Lucia at Great Meadow (9/13-12/13)
– Monday at 10:15am (FULL) and 11:15am with Michael at Little Marina Green (9/13-12/13)
– Monday at 5pm with Rachel at Douglass Park (9/13 – 12/13)
– Tuesday at 10am with Rachel at St. Mary’s Rec Center (9/7 – 12/14)
– Tuesday at 10am with Bethany at Little Marina Green (9/7 – 12/14)
– Wednesday at 10am with Nathan at Golden Gate Park (Stow Lake) (9/8 – 12/15)
– Wednesday at 10:15am (FULL) and 11:15am with Michael at Little Marina Green (9/8 – 12/15)
– Wednesday at 10:40am with Bethany at Great Meadow (9/8 – 12/15) (FULL)
– Wednesday at 11am with Lucia at Noe Valley Courts (9/8 – 12/15)
– Thursday at 10am with Nathan at the Panhandle Picnic Area (9/9 – 12/16)
– Saturday at 10am with Cascada de Flores at Oakland’s Colby Park (9/18 – 10/23)
– Saturday at 10:30am with Lucia at Argonne Elementary (9/25 – 12/18) (FULL)
– Sunday at 10am with Jasmin at Albany’s Memorial Park (9/12 – 12/19)
We’re so excited to rock out(side) with you! 
  • Welcome to Little Bears in the Park! These are designed to be socially distant outdoor classes, re-introducing your little ones to making music, together. Drop-ins are now allowed, and there is no minimum enrollment length.
  • If you enroll 2x weekly, you will get a 10% discount.
  • Tuition and session lengths may vary but the price breaks down to $25/class for a full enrollment. This Fall, most class lengths will be 12 weeks.
  • Drop-ins are $32/class meeting.
  • Class will meet at its specified park location for 45 minutes. Bring your favorite blanket (so your little one can have a visual reminder of your space) and your instruments from home. We’re unfortunately unable to share instruments at this time, but you can definitely rock out with your own kit! If you’d rather travel light, no instruments are required. All unvaccinated caregivers must be masked, please!
  • In the event of rain or any other environmental no-go like hazardous air quality, we’ll cancel the class for the day at no charge to you. 
  • We also do not charge for vacation absences as long as they are communicated to the Little Bears Director in advance.
  • All other class rules can be found in this document.
  • Questions about the program can be emailed to