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New to Music?

Many of our students are square-one beginners, learning how to sing or to play an instrument for the first time. Our teachers welcome first-time music students. Here is some information you might find helpful if you are thinking about getting started.

Basic Requirements

You will need an instrument and you’ll need to set aside time for practicing.

How Much Will I Need to Practice?

Regular daily practice is most effective.  If you can average 30 minutes a day, you’ll make good progress. For younger students, 20 minutes a day is often sufficient.  Of course there will be days when your busy schedule may not permit playing for 30 minutes.  However, you will be well served if you can at least pick up the instrument for 5 minutes.  Don’t let a day go by without getting some playing in, and try to average 20-30 minutes per day over the course of a week.  For singers, if you already sing during the course of the day, you may not need to add a lot of additional practice time.  It is often effective simply to bring your attention and new understanding to the singing that you already do.  But vocal exercises your teacher will give you can also be a great help.

How Quickly Will I Learn?

Learning music is not something that promises immediate success.  The physical skills involved can take quite a while to develop to a high level.  The mental understanding of music theory and the language of music is likewise a long-term undertaking.  However, if you enjoy the process of hanging out with an instrument (voice included) and learning how to make it sing, you’ll be well rewarded at every stage of your progress.  There’s no better way of finding out if you’re well-suited to playing an instrument than beginning instruction now!

What’s the Best Age to Start?

Exposure to music can begin at almost any age. Blue Bear’s Little Bears classes introduce young ones from 4 months to 5 years of age to the wonderful world of music through listening, musical games, movement and singing.  Some children aged 5 or 6 are ready to begin private lessons on an instrument.  And it’s never too late to start!

Our teachers have many years of experience in the music industry and can provide instruction across a wide variety of instruments and skill levels.


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