Private Music Lessons Online

Schedule your first online private music lesson below – request a time and we’ll follow up to confirm.

Try out any teacher for $50 for an hour or $25 for a half-hour.  After that:

  1 lesson 4 lessons 10 lessons
Hours $90 $340* $780
* Autopay   $330  
Half-hours / Shared Hours $48 $180* $415
* Autopay   $175  

* Autopay – save your card and your 4-packs will automatically renew until you tell us to stop.
4-packs allow more cancellations than 10-packs – click on the Expirations tab for details.

Ongoing lessons require our annual $35 Membership (waived for online lessons).

“Hour” and “half-hour” lessons include up to a 5-minute passing period between each lesson to allow transitions between students.

You can search for available times up to two weeks out.  After you request a time, we’ll follow up to collect tuition and confirm the details of your lesson.

There is no charge for a lesson canceled with at least two days’ notice before the close of business. You may cancel:

If your lesson is on: You need to notify the desk by:
Monday Saturday 3:30 pm
Tuesday Anytime on Sunday
Wednesday Monday 8 pm
Thursday Tuesday 8 pm
Friday Wednesday 8 pm
Saturday Thursday 8 pm

Even though you are not charged for an on-time cancellation, it does not change the expiration date of your lesson pack.

Lessons are ongoing until you tell us you’re stopping.  Unless you have specifically scheduled your lessons as one-time lessons, you will remain on your teacher’s schedule until you tell us you want to discontinue, even though your lesson pack may have run out. In order to avoid being charged for a lesson after your pack runs out, we need to hear from you two days before what would be your next scheduled lesson.

4-packs expire three months after the first lesson.  10-packs expire 75 days after the first lesson, so you have 11 weeks to complete ten lessons. (Expiration dates are extended for every-other-week lessons, holidays, and teacher cancellations.)
Expired Lessons
There are no refunds for expired lessons, BUT you can give an expired lesson to a friend or use it as an extra lesson for yourself.  What is an “extra lesson”?  If you take weekly lessons, an extra lesson is a second lesson in a week.  If you take every-other-week lessons, an extra lesson is a lesson during your off-week or a second lesson during your on-week.  Nothing else is an extra lesson.  You may use expired lessons as a gift for someone else whether or not you are scheduled for recurring lessons.
Private Lesson Refund Policy
If you discontinue your lessons and come off the schedule, remaining credit will be held for a year after the last lesson taken.  You may request a credit refund any time during this year.