Acoustic Guitar Online

We’re now enrolling for Fall Quarter.  Most of our classes will be conducted online via Zoom until we are able to transition back to in-person classes at Fort Mason, but we’ll have three outdoor acoustic guitar classes in the mix!

Our small classes (3-7 students) are for everyone, from square-one beginners to intermediate students.  They’re an affordable way to learn guitar and keep getting better.  And the social aspect of learning with others will keep you motivated and engaged! 

Wanna work on lead playing?  Check our Acoustic Jam class.

  • $330 for 11 weeks
  • Purchase $35 annual Membership and take $20 off class tuition, plus discounted private tutorials with your class teacher (one hour at $50 or two half-hours at $25 each)
  • 3-Pay option available to spread tuition over three months
Class Drops & Refunds

To drop and get a refund you must let us know two days before the second class meeting. We will be happy to refund 85% of the entire class tuition. After the second meeting, there will be no refunds or transfers of credit. Note that Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Questions? Please visit our FAQs or contact us at 415.673.3600.

Beginning Guitar is a square-one beginner class. We assume you know no chords, nothing about tuning and holding the guitar, and nothing about music. If you have started some on your own, the first few weeks may be review. We strongly recommend you consult with us before signing up for this level if you already know a few chords, even if you consider yourself a beginner.

Most people have been playing three or four months going into Acoustic Guitar II. You should know about eight of the following chords: E, A, D, G, C, Em, Am, E7, A7, D7. Some chord changes are easy, some are made slowly and not in time. Usually there are a half dozen songs that you can play from beginning to end, though not necessarily easily. No fingerpicking experience is required.

Most people have been playing six to eight months going into Acoustic Guitar III. You should know 10-12 chords and be able to make most of the chord changes smoothly. You may have some difficulty playing the four-string (non-bar) F chord, and bar chords are usually introduced near the end of Guitar III. You may or may not have learned some fingerpicking.

For people with nine months to a year of playing experience, bar chords start appearing in the songs taught in Acoustic Guitar IV. Since it takes a while before a student has the strength to move easily between open position and bar chords, if you can do so you are most likely at a minimum of Acoustic Guitar VI, where the average length of playing time is a year to a year and a half of playing.

You’ll get the most out of Music Theory for Guitar if you can make open chord changes easily.

For all of these classes there is no requirement to read standard music notation. Many teachers use guitar tablature, which is easily learned if you don’t already know it. When we refer to length of time played, we are talking about regular and continuous practice. Many players who have played for years, but on and off, may still find one of these classes appropriate for their level.

If you have any questions about your level, please speak with our Program Director to ensure best placement. .