Music Programs for Little Bears: Babies, Toddlers, Pre-schoolers

Baby Bears: Music for Infants

4 Months to Walking Plus parent/caregiver

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Introduce your Little Bear to the wonderful world of music and boost their brain development through lap songs, finger-plays, sing-alongs, and rhythm-based activities. Grab a blanket and get ready for some joy!

Bouncy Bears: Music Classes for Toddlers

Ages walking - 3 years Plus parent/caregiver

Bouncy Bears is now on ZOOM!

Kiddos will explore singing, movement, and a giant percussion jam using rhythm sticks, shakers, and other classroom instruments. Parents be warned: there will be loads of jumping, bouncing, moving, grooving and playing in this class! 

Boogie Bears: Music Classes for Pre-schoolers

Ages 3 - 5 years Plus parent/caregiver

Boogie Bears is now on ZOOM!

Does your pre-schooler love music? Are they ready to rock and roll, raise the roof, and jam out? Boogie Bears is for them! You’ll also be continuing the brain-boosting benefits of early childhood music education. 

Mixed Bears: Music Classes for Mixed Ages

Ages 6 months to 5 years Plus parent/caregiver

Mixed Bears is now on ZOOM!

Mixed Bears classes contain all the moving, grooving, and rock ‘n’ roll of the other programs, with the added benefit of a wider age range. Babies, toddlers and big kids all join in the music-making fun.

A lifelong love of music starts here!

“Having two kids home at once has been… an experience. We definitely realize that we need the music in us to feel like ourselves, especially during these trying times.” – Lillian D.


“Words do not do it justice… this program is truly beyond superb! I couldn’t believe the confidence my two year old gained in just four short sessions. And even MORE wonderful than that – was just seeing the pure joy on her face! . . . We BOTH loved every minute – and I will treasure the fun memories of our first music class together! Can’t wait to sign up again.” – Reena R.


“Wanted to send a quick note to say how great we think teacher Rachel is. Our daughter has gone to 4 or 5 music classes with different teachers since she was born, and Rachel is exceptional at fostering a love of music and teaching Eve so many new songs and dances.” – Jack W.

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