Celebrate with us at our ROCK-A-THON wrap party! FRIDAY, May 21 at 5pm. 
RSVP to [email protected], and you’ll receive a zoom link a few hours before the show!


For three weeks in May, Blue Bear and friends are rocking for a good cause. We’re celebrating our 50th birthday, and honoring the year we opened our doors, 1971!

ROCK-A-THON participants — “Rockers” — commit to practicing/learning/celebrating the music of 1971, and have friends and family support their efforts with a donation to Blue Bear. YOU can join in and become a Rocker today!

why a rock-a-thon?!

You might be familiar with our classes at Fort Mason Center – but did you know we offer so much more?

At Blue Bear, we have seen that MAKING MUSIC CHANGES LIVES and we are committed to equal access to quality music education. We bring free and low cost music classes into schools and community centers across the city, reaching over 500 kids each year.

The ROCK-A-THON and your generous donation dollars fund all of this critical programming.

It's time to rock!

1. Join the ROCK-A-THON here! You can join as a band or a solo act, join a team or start your own. Any way you want to join is fine by us!

2. Ask your friends and family to  support you. You can find a handy-dandy email template HERE

3. Join in some friendly competition! Can you raise more than others on your team? Can your team beat the staff team? We double-dog-dare you!

5. Save the date for our ROCK-A-THON virtual event. Friday, May 21, 5pm. Invite your friends and family! We’ll hear some music, watch some videos, and celebrate Blue Bear! Interested in submitting a video? Wooo hoooo! Contact [email protected]


 – Daydream about how you’re going to celebrate the music of 1971. Maybe learn a new song? There are SO MANY good ones! Set a practice goal  (5x/week for 3 weeks?) and play a bunch of different songs? Listen to the entire Billboard 1971 Top 100? Any way you want to do it is fine!

 – Rally your friends. Know someone who might be interested in joining the ROCK-A-THON? The more, the merrier! You can start a team and have them join, or you can form a band where you  practice and fundraise together together as a group.  

 – Think of who you’re going to ask for donations. Anyone you know who will be excited to:
A) hear that you’re celebrating the awesome music of 1971,
B) to learn about and support Blue Bear’s amazing outreach programs, or
C) just loves you and wants to support you in whatever you do!   


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