We here at Blue Bear hope that you all in our community are hanging in there during these odd and challenging times. With that, we’d like to offer a new daily affirmation of sorts. Introducing THE BLUE BEAR VIRTUAL CONCERT SERIES! In these daily posts, we’re offering up examples of great live performances from some of our favorite artists with the purpose of keeping us sane, entertained, and most of all, connected by the unifying Power of Music.

TONTO & Stevie Wonder
We lost a great yesterday… Not a main fixture in the public eye, but a man who DEFINITELY left his mark. Malcolm Cecil, co-producer, co-writer and co-engineer on 4 of Stevie Wonder’s best records from the 70s, he also built one of the largest and first synthesizers, which was used on those records called TONTO. He played bass in a band in the UK with members of the Stones and Cream before they were The Stones and Cream, and did countless other cool things. So for today’s Virtual Concert Series, I wanted to honor him. Check him and his co-conspirator, Bob Margouleff as they jam on TONTO with Stevie on two of his biggest hits, “Superstition” and “Livin’ for the City”. Rest In EVERYTHING, Malcolm! ❤
Tina Turner - I Can't Stand the Rain

So have you seen the HBO doc on Tina Turner yet? It’s pretty amazing… But then again, so is Tina Turner! Check her and the band do “I Can’t Stand the Rain”, one of my favorites of her catalog (along with her absolutely SCORCHING version of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”, of which, a live version does not exist).


Tina Turner – I Can’t Stand the Rain

DONNA SUMMER - I Feel Love Like 1977
Damn….Donna Summer, the legend, doing her super disco jam, “I Feel Love” live in the late 70s is just what we need on a sunny, glorious day like today! It’s a fun entry in the VCS. Enjoy!
"You Are My Sunshine" Morgane Stapleton & Chris Stapleton 'Southern Family'
UGHhhhh….. Who’s ready for some rippingly cool heartache??? Well for this Virtual Concert Series entry, we have the husband and wife duo of Morgane and Chris Stapleton doing a tune that most think is just a pretty little kid song, but when you examine the lyrics, it’s much more heartbreaking…. Please do take a listen as Morgane’s vocals soar just as much as the twin guitar lines in the solo… ❤
“I’ll always love you and make you happy,
If you will only say the same…
But if you leave me to love another, you’ll regret it all some day”
Róisín Murphy Live @ Home in Ibiza - Incapable

Kicking off the week with a super lovely and special rendition of one of my favorite songs in recent times, “Incapable”, by Róisín Murphy, aka the killer queen of house and disco. The original is a beast on the dance floor, and while this version lacks the thumping production to shake the boots, it does have a sick groove, a pitchfork and a tractor. It’s farm life in Ibiza for today’s Virtual Concert Series! 🙂


Róisín Murphy Live @ Home in Ibiza – Incapable

This Little Light of Mine - par Rosetta Tharpe (1960)

Happy Birthday to the Godmother of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Sister Rosetta Tharpe! My daughter sings this in her kindergarten class every day (well, on Zoom, but she returns to school in a month!), and I love the song, but this version is fun.. Gettit sister!!!


This Little Light of Mine – par Rosetta Tharpe (1960)

OK Go - Upside Down & Inside Out BTS - How We Did It
OK…. GO! By that I mean, go ahead and watch this interesting video of the band, OK Go, where they show us how they made one of their amazing videos. This one is the video for “Upside Down and Inside Out”, which was shot in a plane soaring above the Earth where our normal gravitational pull was affected. It’s an amazing video and the way they did it is pretty cool too. So while this isn’t a typical Virtual Concert Series video, it is an interesting behind the scenes clip of one of the most visually creative artists in modern media history. My daughter and I love going down the rabbit hole with their videos… So creative! 🙂
Sonic Youth - Bull In The Heather (Live Letterman 1994)
Kim Gordon. Sonic Youth. Bull… Heather.
Devo on Mike Douglas Show 1980 (extended/upgraded)
PJ Harvey - Taut Live @Sessions at West 54th 1999 720p 5.1

Look out fellas….PJ Harvey is coming in HOT. “Taut” is the song and it’s a whupper. Such a unique and powerful song. Here’s to one of my favorite women in music, and in general.


PJ Harvey – Taut Live @Sessions at West 54th 1999 720p 5.1

The Main Event - Invisibl Skratch Piklz Final Performance

Hey friends! Let’s mix things up a bit, one more time… The Invisbl Scratch Pickles (Shortkut, Q-Bert and Mixmaster Mike) show us how it’s done in this Virtual Concert Series entry.


The Main Event – Invisibl Skratch Piklz Final Performance

2004 Worlds Short "The Feeling Begins"
Ok friends… Maybe it’s because I just got back from Tahoe, but for this Virtual Concert Series entry, I’m going rogue… This is a performance from Michelle Kwan at the 2004 World Ice Skating Championships. The music is Peter Gabriel’s “The Feeling Begins”, from his masterpiece soundtrack album, “Passion” (from The Passion of the Christ), and her performance to it here is breathtakingly elegant…. So please enjoy this slight detour from our regularly scheduled programming! 🙂
Kiss - Detroit Rock City 2006 Live Video

Here’s the other half of that bill that was my last bastion of concert life, exactly 1 year ago. I’ll leave it to Kiss and their classic ode to “The D”. Hoping we get to attend shows again soon…


Kiss – Detroit Rock City 2006 Live Video

David Lee Roth (Just A Gigolo / Jump) - opening for KISS St. Paul 2/24/2020

Whelp, it was one year ago, when I got to see my last concert for what would be a year plus… It was KISS and David Lee Roth at the Oakland Coliseum and it was AMAZING. While we were there, we talked to my friend who works for Live Nation and she gave us a sense of impending dread that things were about to change forever (or at least awhile), explaining that Heineken has just pulled out of Coachella being the first major sign that this was about to get extremely real. Well here we are a year later, and the future looks bright! Please continue to wear a mask until we’re up to solid vax levels/herd immunity and I imagine we’ll be back to seeing moments like this soon. Love to y’all! 🙂


David Lee Roth (Just A Gigolo / Jump) – opening for KISS St. Paul 2/24/2020

Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi Live Isle of Wight 1970

Ahhhh… So soothing…. It’s Joni Mitchell’s voice I’m referring to, and in this great clip in Blue Bear School of Music’s Virtual Concert Series, she gives the massive crowd at the Isle of Wight festival the beauty that is “Big Yellow Taxi”. Enjoy…. 🙂


Joni Mitchell – Big Yellow Taxi Live Isle of Wight 1970

Rhythm Nation (Live & Rare from the Janet Tour) - Janet Jackson

It’s Friday, and “Friday’s are for dancing”, so LET’S DANCE! 😛 In celebrating both the Virtual Concert Series and Black HERstory Month, here’s Janet Jackson and her crew doing the dang thang with Rhythm Nation back in the day. Have a great day, friends!


Rhythm Nation (Live & Rare from the Janet Tour) – Janet Jackson

Luniz ft. Michael Marshal "I Got 5 On It" [Showtime at the Apollo 1995]

“IIIII GOT FIIIIIVE OHHHNNNN IIIIIT”! HAHA! Yes….. We’re back with another Virtual Concert Series entry in our celebration of Black History Month, and for this one, we’re keepin’ it local with Oakland’s Luniz! I hear you singing this hip hop classic in your head right now… Enjoy that ear worm! 😛


Luniz ft. Michael Marshal “I Got 5 On It” [Showtime at the Apollo 1995]

FKA twigs: Cellophane

Hi friends…. I’m getting into the gorgeous for today with the VCS. And that’s in this clip from last year, as the always unique FKA twigs performs the lead single from her album Magdalene, “Cellophane”. This performance is even more special as it’s done with live piano and cello as the musical accompaniment. Add in her stunning dress and dance, and you’ve got a very unique and beautiful performance.


FKA twigs: Cellophane

Drift Away Dobie Gray HD

Continuing on in the Virtual Concert Series, highlighting the contributions of black artists for Black History Month, I’m offering up one of my favorite “one hit wonder” songs from Dobie Gray, the gorgeous soft rock groover, “Drift Away”. Here. on the wonderful Midnight Special, he shows us his incredible voice so we can drift away…. Happy Monday, y’all!


Drift Away Dobie Gray HD

Fishbone - "The Bones" by Alice In Chains | MoPOP Founders Awards 2020

Happy Sunday! In our continued support of unique black voices and in honoring Black History Month, here’s another clip from our Virtual Concert Series. For this one, LA punk/ska/funk/metal legends, Fishbone take on another band of significance, Alice in Chains, and give a powerful cover of their hit “Them Bones”. Fishbone (and their amazing frontman Angelo Moore, whom I got to interview a few weeks ago for our Music Mentors series) knock this one out of the park… And note that this line up includes Kendal Jones, their original guitarist! Dig in!


Fishbone – “The Bones” by Alice In Chains | MoPOP Founders Awards 2020

A New Museum in Nashville Chronicles 400 Years of Black Music

Happy Saturday friends! Instead of a clip in the Virtual Concert Series to continue our celebration through Black History Month, here’s an article chronicling 400 years of black music in Nashville. Click on to read more about black American’s and their contributions to all the music we hold dear. ❤


A New Museum in Nashville Chronicles 400 Years of Black Music

The Pharcyde - Drop and Passin' Me By (Live '96)

Hey friends! I’m havin’ a blast rolling through the clips, trying to find great stuff to show you but also to honor Black History Month… In today’s clip in the Virtual Concert Series, I offer up my favorite 90s hip hop group, The Pharcyde. Now, they weren’t the most prolific, and yes, there were lots of other great groups like De La, Tribe, and The Roots that were of a similar ilk (conscious, alternative hip hop) that were also great, but The Pharcyde was my fave. I loved the interplay between them all, the music behind them all and the weirdness of the lyrics and song ideas. They were just different. So here they are- Bootie Brown, Fatlip, Imani, and Slim Kid Tre doing two of their classics…. “Drop” from their 2nd record, and “Passin Me By” from their 1st, live at The Apollo.


The Pharcyde – Drop and Passin’ Me By (Live ’96)



Shirley Bassey - My Way (1987 Live in Berlin)
How y’all doing out there? Need a pick-me-up? Lacking a bit in that spiritual triumph? If so, then heed the words of Dame Shirley Bassey, as she channels the greatness of Frank Sinatra’s ode to DIY-cockiness. In this amazing performance, her booming voice goes from polite to “FOH”, and it’s a battery charger, for sure. 😛
Now go out there and BE!
TV On The Radio - Wolf Like Me ( Live on Letterman ) HD & in sync

BROOKLYN IN THE HOUSE! New York’s TV on the Radio is the celebrated clip of the day, and here, they rip through “Wolf Like Me’ on David Letterman. TV on the Radio should be remembered as one of the more unique outputs in recent music history. A mostly black band of NYC artists that raged through punk, psyche rock, electronica, dub, and hip hop, they are a force. If ya don’t know… Watch… And then you’ll know! ❤


TV On The Radio – Wolf Like Me ( Live on Letterman ) HD & in sync

Sly and the Family Stone - Hot Fun in the Summertime

Hey everyone! I’m back with another clip celebrating great live performances and Black History Month! This is one of my faves… I have a collection of live performances, from multi-cam, pro-shot concerts or TV tapings of lots of great bands on VHS tapes, and thankfully someone else has taken the time and tech to upload most of what I have to YouTube. This was always one of my favorites. Sly and the Fam, doing “Hot Fun in the Summertime”… I love everything about this… The singing is amazing, and the outfits… And even the shot of the young woman in the purple shirt, sitting in the audience, just loving her life right then and there (at the 30 second mark). Sly and the Family Stone were/are one of my favorite bands, not just for the music, or that they were from the Bay Area, but also for the fact that they were such a inclusively unique thing at that time. Black, white, brown, male, female…. Just a gathering of cool, no matter what it looked like. ❤


Sly and the Family Stone – Hot Fun in the Summertime

Return to Forever ( Chick Corea )

I’m making a slight shift in the postings for Black History Month, but only to memorialize Chick Corea (who died yesterday), WHILE showcasing one of the best rhythm sections EVER in Lenny White on drums and Stanley Clarke on electric bass. These guys, along with Chick, were some of the greatest players in the jazz fusion world who wound influencing people as diverse as Thundercat and Danny Carey. RIP Chick… Thanks for your work in not just making groundbreaking music, but to continue to showcase multicultural & multiracial ensembles to the world. ❤


Return to Forever ( Chick Corea )

Work It Out Line Dance - Creator of the Line Dance John Woodhouse Jr. (WoodyPop)
HAH! YESSS! Ok, I know this isn’t really a Virtual Concert Series entry, but dang, if it ain’t fun! It’s Black History Month and I’m focusing on all types of examples of the undeniable influence black Americans have had on the good things in life. In this clip, here’s a coordinated group dance set to one of my favorite house music tunes. It’s called “Work It Out” by Baltimore DJ/producer Karizma, and it is infectious! I love seeing the smiles from these dancers of varying ages… They are having so much FUN! As for Karizma, he’s easily one of the most creative and skilled DJs, using parts of songs to create a sound collage, and remix in real time, that’s truly beyond the commonplace definition of “DJ” and rolls right into true musicianship. I urge you to check out his various online sets, in particular his Boiler Room set (in which he performs this track), to see more of his skills in action.
Parliament Funkadelic - Give Up the Funk - Mothership Connection Houston 1976
We’re back for another Virtual Concert Series entry, with another example of groundbreaking black musicians, breaking new ground. Here comes Parliament Funkadelic, to “Tear the Roof off the Mutha”, and command you to “Give Up the Funk!”
Students Performing "Stakes Is High" by De La Soul
In my continuing salute to black artists & Black History Month, in the Virtual Concert Series and beyond, I offer up a glimpse of a performance in the classroom. This one really slaps with the feels for me as it’s very much like what I used to do for the school when things were less virus-complicated. Let’s hope that we can soon put an end to this chapter and get back to having kids and teachers in schools, vibing and learning together. For now, let’s enjoy these kids rocking out to De La Soul!
Prince Performs "Purple Rain" During Downpour | Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show | NFL

Alright friends. Well, it’s the”big game” today, and while things are different now, it’s still a global phenomenon. So in that spirit, and in keeping with Black History Month, I’m offering up a Virtual Concert Series entry that’s truly SUPER. PRINCE’s Halftime Show from 2007 is without a doubt the most incredible spectacle in the history of the game and maybe in all of live music, when you think about the challenges that were faced to put this on. Yes, Whitney’s version of the Star Spangled Banner was legendary as well, but this is something else. Sadly, the powers that be haven’t allowed the uncut, full performance to live online but the NFL has a great short doc about it all, and it’s a trip.


Prince Performs “Purple Rain” During Downpour | Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show | NFL

Honor the Birth of House Music With 10 Influential Black Artists From Chicago

Happy Saturday folks! For today’s Virtual Concert Series, and in honor of Black History Month, I’m pivoting slightly to instead provide an article instead of a performance. The article details how the entire world of EDM (not just as the term that describes that specific genre of commercial electronic music, but rather ALL electronic dance music) came directly from black artists. There are other people in the path and from other cities, but it’s important to know the history, I think. Enjoy….


Honor the Birth of House Music With 10 Influential Black Artists From Chicago

Janelle Monáe on Austin City Limits "Pynk"

Hi friend! In honor of Black History Month, here’s a wonderful and fun performance by one of my favorite artists of the last 20 years, Janelle Monáe! In this clip from Austin City Limits, Janelle and her lady friends give a playful performance of her ode to femininity. Dig the costumes, the dancers, the KEYTARS!!!!


Janelle Monáe on Austin City Limits “Pynk”

U2 - Exit, Gloria /live/ , Denver, Colorado, USA, 8.11.1987, (Rattle and Hum) /1988/

I always loved this version… I wish the studio version was as raw. The vIrtual Concert Series entry for today is “Exit” by U2, from their Rattle and Hum docu-concert. Get that foot a tappin’, y’all… The Edge’s gonna take ya down the road a bit….


U2 – Exit, Gloria /live/ , Denver, Colorado, USA, 8.11.1987, (Rattle and Hum) /1988/

The Verve - Come On (Live)

It’s no secret to people that know me that The Verve is one of my favorite bands ever, proved by the fact that in 1997 (for their first reunion tour), I followed them around the country like the Grateful Dead. I did it because at that time, their live shows were something of legend in the underground music scene, and it was almost like, if you were into The Verve before then, then you were on to some secret stuff. Plus, I knew that their soon to come reunion record “Urban Hymns”, would make them massive. Many of the songs that would turn up on U.H. had been performed during the tour the year before their breakup in ’95, and this VCS entry is one of them. It’s “Come On”, the closing track on “Urban Hymns”, which often closed their shows. It was always one of my favorites, because well… just have a look.


The Verve – Come On (Live)

Rush - Xanadu (Official Music Video)

So Neil Peart, one of the greatest drummers in the history of the instrument, passed a year ago in January, and because of that, I’ve been listening to Rush lately…. I was gonna choose one of the many live performances of this tune from any one of their incredible concert videos, but since the official music video is them playing live, I thought I’d go with the perfection of the studio version (which was played live). It shows how incredible they all were at their respective instruments, but in particular Neil’s work here is one of my favorite examples of his talents. Plus, he wrote all of their lyrics. ❤


Rush – Xanadu (Official Music Video)

Metallica: Breadfan (Live - Seattle '89) [Live Shit: Binge & Purge]

So yesterday’s Virtual Concert Series Entry was Budgie, doing their amazing song, “Breadfan”… one of the beginnings of thrash metal even when it wasn’t really thrash metal. I referenced that Metallica loved the song and covered it…. Well, here’s the proof. And it is a MONSTER. So fast… 😛


Metallica: Breadfan (Live – Seattle ’89) [Live Shit: Binge & Purge]


YESSssss…… Fans of Metallica know this entry in our Virtual Concert Series, because they covered this obscure proto-metal song back in the mid 80s, as a b-side. It’s “Breadfan”, by Budgie! Dig in to the riff of riffs, and see and hear the influence of a million hard rockers as these guys rip through this early 70s classic. Ready…. Set….. HEADBANG!!!!!



Black Pumas - Colors (Biden Inauguration Performance)

‘Mornin’ y’all! I’m back to kick off your week with some gorgeous neo-soul from Black Pumas. Here they are doing “Colors”, an infectious R&B funk groove that they did for the inauguration. I felt it was a nice way to start the day!


Black Pumas – Colors (Biden Inauguration Performance)



Show Me the Way to Go Home

Hey music fans! It’s been a bit of a tense couple of weeks, so I’m going rogue on this entry in the VCS, in an attempt to lighten the mood. So here’s a silly moment of singing camaraderie from a movie that really does provide a breather in the tension. After Quint’s epic and harrowing monologue about surviving the USS Indianapolis, Hooper starts a singalong. Here’s to relieving the tension, America… ❤


Show Me the Way to Go Home

The History of the Amen Break | Mixmag Originals

Hey team! Today, I’m going to sidestep the actual live performance element to the Virtual Concert Series, and instead I’m giving homage to the “Amen Break”- a short piece of music that as a sample, has lent itself to soooo much music over the years. From hip hop (Salt & Pepper, Rob Base, NWA and so many more), British Rave (Carl Cox, Prodigy, etc.), and Jungle/Drum ‘n Bass (too many to name), this drum break, played by Gregory C. Coleman (who died broke and homeless in 2006!) of the funk soul The Winstons, has touched music forever. Thanks for your contribution Gregory! YOU ARE LEGEND!


The History of the Amen Break | Mixmag Originals

RUSH - Best intro EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Hey music fans! I took a couple weeks off of the Virtual Concert Series entries, as we were doing our annual Feed The Bear campaign (to which you can still donate! see the link below). But I’m back with more fun clips to remind you of the live music world we’ll hopefully be returning to soon! And with that, I’m dropping back in with a BANG! Rock gods, RUSH show us how to start a show with a medley of some of their best instrumentals, leading into the full force of fan favorite, “Spirit of Radio”… It’s a 10 minute example of why they’re regarded as the top of the class for their respective instruments. Take it away Geddy, Alex and Neil!


RUSH – Best intro EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Bauhaus - Bella Lugosi's Dead (Live Coachella 2005)
Here’s a moment for ya. Bauhaus taking the stage at Coachella a few years ago, in a way that only they can… Peter Murphy hanging upside down like a bat while singing the brooding, goth classic, “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”. I can’t believe he didn’t pass out! LOL
Journey - Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

Hey friends of The Bear! Got a good one for your Virtual Concert Series… It’s the Bay Area’s own Journey doing “Lovin, Touchin’ Squeezin'” live on the great Burt Sugarman’s Midnight Special! Dig the tune! Dig the outfits! Dig the relentless flirting Steve Perry does with the gal in the front row! And dig yourself, inevitably singing along to the “Na-Na-Na” part at the end… So good!


Journey – Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’

The White Stripes: We're Gonna Be Friends (Live) - SNL

As promised, here’s part 2 of The White Stripes amazing performance from SNL back in 2002. For this Virtual Concert Series entry, Meg and Jack give us “We’re Going to Be Friends”, a gorgeous lullaby-ish tune about being a kid. Such tremendously perfect imagery. One of my favorite lyrical songs ever. ❤


The White Stripes: We’re Gonna Be Friends (Live) – SNL

The White Stripes: Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground (Live) - SNL

Well here’s a cool surprise for your Tuesday, The White Stripes have put up their amazing appearance from Saturday Night Live! It’s from way back in 2002 with John McCain as the host. Here’s a blistering version of “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground”, where Jack White shows us he’s Jack White, while Meg White shows the non believers that a drummer need not be Neil Peart to be powerful, cool and effective. Come back tomorrow for the other song from this amazing performance!


The White Stripes: Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground (Live) – SNL


Interpol - Rest My Chemistry (Live at the Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, 08/23/2010)

I’m gonna get a little deep in today’s Virtual Concert Series entry, and offer a somber but extremely cool song from Interpol. They’ve got many great tunes, but this one is probably my favorite. The tales of rock and roll excess and redemption are many but this one seems to have even more emotion than most. It’s a gorgeous song- “Rest My Chemistry”… Stay safe and sane, friends….


Interpol – Rest My Chemistry (Live at the Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, 08/23/2010)

Moloko - Sing it Back

Well hello there weekend! How ya been? It’s yer ole pal Cole Odin with a new entry in the Virtual Concert Series. For this fun Friday, I’ve got an underground house music classic, performed live by the band Moloko, which features the inimitable Róisín Murphy (whose song “Incapable” was one of my favorites in recent years, making it into DJ set after DJ set). In this clip, they roil the crowd with “Sing it Back”! Turn it up and dance like your living room was Glasto! ❤


Moloko – Sing it Back

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Stir It Up (Live at The Old Grey Whistle 1973)

Hey team! It’s Cole Odin once again, and we’re halfway through the week so dig this… Here’s a suuuuper cooool clip from the 70s. It’s from the Old Grey Whistle Test, England’s amazing live music show and here were have an early performance from the Wailers, Bob Marley’s fabulous band, which in this era, featured Peter Tosh. The slippery groove of “Stir It Up” is bound to make you happy, especially when Peter’s wah-wah wicky-wicky snakes this one out the door. It’s one of my favorite live performances of all time… Simply amazing…. ❤


Bob Marley & The Wailers – Stir It Up (Live at The Old Grey Whistle 1973)

Kacey Musgraves - These Boots Are Made for Walkin' (Live at Royal Albert Hall)
We’re here for another week of great music! And to start the first of the Virtual Concert Series entries, we have country pop artist Kacey Musgraves doing the feminist classic by Nancy Sinatra, “These Boots Are Made For Walkin'”. It’s a killer cool version recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall and the band is on fire… rolling dynamic and tempos shifts, and including a nod to the late, great guitar god Dick Dale by tagging in a take on “Miserlou” at the end. AMAZING!
The Rolling Stones - Beast of Burden (from "Some Girls, Live in Texas '78")

A classic groove for your Saturday… The Rolling Stones give us “Beast of Burden”, taken from the “Some Girls” tour in the late 70s. I can feel the smiling that’s about to occur. 🙂


The Rolling Stones – Beast of Burden (from “Some Girls, Live in Texas ’78”)

Beirut: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Another sunny day in SF and another fine example of that vibe from the band Beirut. In this VCS clip from the fab Tiny Desk Series, they run through a few tunes and it’s a delight. Enjoy….


Beirut: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal - Live @ Glastonbury '09

It’s time for another Virtual Concert Series entry so here’s a sunshine-y clip for a sunshine-y day. Fleet Foxes give us “White Winter Hymnal”- it’s a lovely tune. Notice that that’s Josh Tillman on the drums, before he left the band to become Father John Misty. Ahh, the harmonies… soak ’em up!


Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal – Live @ Glastonbury ’09

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