In this session, Cole is joined by Blue Bear guitar and band teacher Randy Clark.  Randy has a unique rock, blues, and twang guitar style that has landed him gigs in bands like The Billy Nayer Show and The Mermen. He also has made music with Cole in several projects, and has his own solo project, Crowsong, which just released a new album called Mountains of Faith.  In this session, Randy and Cole talk about a variety of subjects including the projects they’ve worked on together, recording his new album, and how he writes songs. 

Music Mentors- BB teacher Randy Clark talks about the 1st record he bought with his own money

Mentors- Randy Clark talks about his musical beginnings and his love of classic country

Music Mentors- Randy Clark talks about playing in The Mermen, Billy Nayer Show and his old band Jaws

Music Mentors- Randy Clark & Cole Odin discuss the projects and bands they've played in together

Music Mentors- Randy Clark and Cole talk about guitars and pedals

Music Mentors- Randy discusses his new Crowsongs record, "Mountains of Faith"

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