Band Workshops @ Fort Mason

Band Workshops are student bands organized by the school.  Students select the repertoire and rehearse with a pro musician/coach.  A full band class consists of 2 singers, 2 guitars, bass, drums, keys, and horns.  We supply the PA, drum kit, amps, and keys.  You’ll meet 2 hours per week for 10 weeks, then perform in a San Francisco club!  Tuition is $510 plus our annual $35 Membership.  Spring bands will perform at Great Northern June 27-29.

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Guitarists:  move easily between open and bar chords

Drummers:  play steadily at fast and slow tempi; fill comfortably; play rock and blues grooves

Bass players:  play various grooves easily; lock with drummer

Singers:   sing in tune and in time

Keyboard players:  form major and minor triads without notation

Basic-level bands are for intermediate players, but there’s no requirement of previous band-playing experience.

Intermediate bands require at least a year of previous band experience along with the ability to read chord charts and learn parts by ear; admission is by teacher approval.

Video auditions are required for new students in intermediate bands.  If a teacher thinks your skills are not a good fit for the rest of the band after the first or second meeting, he/she may ask you to drop; we would then give you a full refund.

Joining a band is a commitment to be at almost all rehearsals and to work on your songs outside of class.  If you have to miss more than two weeks out of ten or cannot attend the performance, you should not enroll.

  • $510 for 10 weeks plus performance
  • $35 annual Membership.  With your Membership, you can take discounted private tutorials with an appropriate teacher (one hour at $50 or two half-hours at $25 each), or purchase a 4-pack for $240
  • 3-Pay option available to spread tuition over three months
Class Drops & Refunds

To drop and get any refund you must let us know two days before the second class meeting.  We will be happy to refund all but 15% of the total Workshop tuition.  After the second meeting, there will be no refunds or transfers of credit.  Note that annual Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Questions?  Please visit our FAQs or contact us at 415.673.3600.

If you have completed a Blue Bear Band Workshop before, email our Program Director and let him know which band or bands you are interested in, on which instrument.

New to Blue Bear or to Band Workshops?  Set up a time to speak by phone with our Program Director.