Rock Band, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard

Rock Band Ensemble, Vocal Performance, Guitar and Keyboard Programs


Students benefit from high quality instruction from Blue Bear artists in residence and participate in public performances to build confidence and self esteem.

Current partner sites include:

  • GLIDE Memorial Church Teen Center
  • Gateway Middle School
  • George Peabody Elementary
  • The Ranch Community Center in Tiburon
  • Bayview Hunters Point YMCA
  • Tenderloin Community Elementary School
  • Rooftop Alternative School
  • Creative Arts Charter School
  • The Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • Miraloma Elementary School


Community Programs: Grades 2-4

Get Rhythm!, our entry-level course, teaches students a fundamental understanding of the basic music building blocks in a fun setting. Active listening and music appreciation expose students to a wide range of music styles. A variety of hand percussion instruments are played and students participate in jams with the instructor. The fundamentals of mathematics are stressed along with an introduction to the melodic components, and the instruments progress up to the level of keyboard, steel drums, bass and vibes.

Instrument Petting Zoo is for the beginning-level music student, with the goal of increasing interest and helping them determine which instrument they are the most attracted to, and want to focus on. Students play the five main rock instruments including drums, bass, guitar, keys and voice, and learn the fundamental concepts of rhythm, melody, harmony, meter, tempo, scale and key. They experience how the various instruments work on a basic level through instruction and usage in popular music and correlate their usage with other related concepts they already know, such as basic mathematics, pattern relations and emotional similarities.

 Sing! Dance! takes the playful, contemporary side of the TV show Glee and combines it with a traditional choral class. Students learn the basics of music theory and translate them into a fun and hip vocal choir, singing songs of various musical genres. An emphasis on movement and theatrics is also provided by way of some light choreography. The program culminates in a fun performance for their peers and parents.

Community Programs: Grades 5-12

Rock Band Ensemble involves hands-on instruction with a focus on practicing and performing as a group, as well as emphasis in areas of active listening, music theory, music critique and instrumental technique. Students are provided with lessons, practice sessions, performance opportunities and (in some cases) instruments, along with the mentorship of Blue Bear’s professional artists in residence. The classes range from nine to 18 weeks of instruction and culminate in a live performance.

Beginning Group Guitar program shows students the basics of theory on acoustic guitar and helps them to better know the instrument. Through strums, picking, scales and chords, students learn how to play a few songs and get the skills they need to take it to the next level. The Intermediate Group Guitar program increases the number of strum patterns and chords, and adds arpeggios to give students a bigger arsenal to tackle more challenging songs.

Keyboard Lab shows students the fundamentals of music theory by using the fundamental musical instrument, the piano. Students are taught how to navigate a piano through scales and chords, building chops that will assist them in learning songs. They’ll also have an opportunity to perform publicly during a recital at the end of the course.