Hard Rock

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Hard Rock Camp

Sound BoardLocation
Blue Bear School of Music, Fort Mason Center

Summer 2019 Schedule
August 5-9
Monday-Friday, 10 am – 3 pm, with a longer day on Friday for a performance.

Camp Details
This workshop offers musicians going into grades 7-10 (fall 2019) an opportunity to rock hard with their peers. Repertoire is selected by the group, which rehearses every day. A typical day includes group lessons in the morning, a lunchtime jam with staff, and band rehearsals in the afternoon. The week culminates with a show on late Friday afternoon.

See our Summer Camp FAQs page for more details about the after-camp activities, what campers need to bring, our drop policy and more.

Skill Level Recommendations and Audition Info

Suggested minimum of two years of lessons for all instruments.

  • Drummers should be able to fill without losing time, and be able to hold three minutes of a simple rock beat. Drummers are required to audition for this camp.
  • Bassists should know names of notes and how to read chord charts, and be able to play 1/8th notes through changes. Bassists are required to audition for this camp.
  • Guitarists should know open chords and E and A form barre chords, and know minor pentatonic scales. Guitarists are NOT required to audition for this camp.
  • Keyboardists should know major and minor triads, and know the blues scale. Keyboardists are NOT required to audition for this camp.
  • Singers should be able to sing in tune and have a strong enough sense of time so that song entry points and phrasing can be consistently executed.

Camp Tuition Fee: $550

  • Discounts of up to $450 are available to students whose household incomes qualify through Blue Bear’s sliding scale tuition program.
  • Register two siblings (or one child for two camps) and save $50 off the second camp!
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