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Blue Bear Summer Camp FAQs and Teacher Bios

What is your drop policy?

If you need to drop a Camp for any reason, we will give refunds based on the following schedule:

  • 90% refund with at least three months notice
  • 70% refund with two-three months notice
  • 50% refund with six-eight weeks notice

No refunds are available if less than six weeks notice is given unless we are able to fill your child’s spot with another full-paying camper, in which case a 50% refund will be given.

What do campers need to bring with them?

  • Guitarists and bassists should bring your instrument, a patch cord, a tuner, and a strap, with all items labeled with your name. We have amps.
  • Drummers should bring sticks.
  • Keyboard players do not need to bring anything (unless you have a really cool keyboard you like playing).
  • Singers don’t need to bring any equipment.

All students should bring:

  • Earplugs (if you have them). If you don’t, we’ll provide them! We strongly suggest that campers wear earplugs for the band sections of the camp.
  • A song you’d like to do in camp on your phone or music player. If you bring an iPod, please label it with your name.
  • A lunch, or money to purchase takeout food from one of two places nearby in Fort Mason. There is a microwave on the premises.
  • What songs do the campers perform?
    Campers pick the songs! For the camps that perform cover songs, each camper has the opportunity to bring one song with them they’d like to perform. Our expert camp instructors are there to guide students on their musical journeys as they learn the music they love most. This makes each camp a unique, personalized and engaging experience for the campers.

    What time do I drop my camper off or pick them up?
    Camp starts at 10 am. You may drop off your camper anytime from 9:45-10. On the first morning of camp, please accompany him or her to sign in to confirm your emergency contact information and specify who will be picking him or her up.

    Please be on time to pick up your camper at the end of the day at 3 pm. You will need to come into the school to sign him/her out. We do not release kids to wait for you in front of the building unless you’ve specifically authorized us to do so on the first day of camp. We do not have adequate staffing to watch over your child immediately following the camp.

    What time is the Friday performance?
    The Friday show will usually take place at around 4-4:30 pm, and will last about an hour depending on the number of students. That time will be confirmed by the lead teacher on Wednesday of camp week. Students will stay at Blue Bear for the entire day. Invite friends and families so we can have a crowd! (Note – recording/composing and guitar camps do not have a show.)

    Can I arrange to pick up my child later than 3 pm?
    For families that need later pick-up and for kids who just want more music, inquire about the possibility of private lessons following the camp Monday-Thursday for a special camp rate of $50/hour, based on availability.

    Who teaches the camps? How many teachers are there per student?
    A defining characteristic of Blue Bear’s summer camps that set our camps apart from others is our high teacher to student ratio, with instructors on each instrument group. While the ratio varies slightly for each camp type, we very effectively provide personalized instruction for all students, beginner to advanced, engaging them in the learning process from square one.

    Blue Bear’s camp instructors are some of the most experienced musicians and teachers in the Bay Area. While many of them have performed around the globe with the best, they are all professional teachers, highly skilled and able to impart real-world knowledge in a helpful and accessible way.

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    Can other family members join in on the fun?
    Absolutely! Many camps offer a performance on Friday afternoon; students are encouraged to invite family and friends. And if you just can’t get enough music, Blue Bear offers classes and lessons for the whole family (including kids as young as four months old and adults) year-round!