Bass and Drum Classes

3-Pay Tuition Option: pay at enrollment and in weeks 3 and 7

• All students pay one annual $35 Member Fee, free Short Seminar included


Band Workshops

10 weeks plus performance
Student bands organized by the school. Groups arrange and play songs by a variety of artists and groups, and at the end of the session perform live in a San Francisco club. Bassists should be able to comfortably play a variety of different bass lines, lock in with the drummer, and learn parts by ear. Drummers should be able to keep steady time, play a variety of different grooves in both rock and blues (swung eighths) styles and at both fast and slow tempi, perform fills without losing the time and the groove, and learn parts by ear. Cost: $415

Private lessons in bass or drums can begin anytime.

Drum lessons take place in a studio near City College.