Space Rental

Blue Bear Band Room at Lennon Studios     Check availability

Address:  271 Dore St. (Between 9th and 10th) off Harrison
Size: 16 x 19 feet
Equipment: Small vocal PA, drum kit, keyboard, bass rig, guitar amp, mirror
Additional equipment can be rented from the Lennon front desk, 415.575.3636
Rates: $50 for one-time, three-hour block
$180 ($45 each) for four rentals
Cancellations: No cancellations. Once booked, you’re on the hook.
Availability: Lennon Studios is open Mon. to Fri. 11am to midnight,
Sat. and Sun. noon to 10pm
For Blue Bear Students only
Click here to see current openings/availability
Contact: Blue Bear at 415.673.3600 for information and scheduling

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Rent Blue Bear Practice Rooms at Fort Mason

Size of rooms: Small
Furnished: Upright piano, amp
Rates: $1 per hour
For practice use only
General availability: Mon-Thur 1-8pm, Sat 10:30am – 4 pm
Call to confirm availability: 415.673.3600. First come, first served.