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Voice Camp

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Summer 2017 Schedule
July 24-28
Monday – Friday, 1 to 3:30 pm

Camp Details – Vocal Improv for Kids
For Kids who Love to Sing, Move, and Make Their Own Music!
For Rising 3rd and 4th Grade Age
Led by Singer/Songwriter and Vocal Improvisation Artist Molly Ann Graceland

Do you love to make up your own music or songs? Do snippets of songs run through your mind over and over, and you just have to sing them out loud to your heart’s content? Do you find yourself naturally playing rhythms with your voice or hands? Does your body feel like a musical instrument? Then, this might be a great camp for you!

Join us for a week of collaborative vocal improvisation, in other words, making up songs on the spot. In a light-hearted, non-pressured environment, we’ll spend the afternoons engaged in musical play through singing and movement games that help singers learn to:
Sound in authentic and original ways.
Enjoy the connection of listening and blending.
Generate new melodies.
Sing in simple syllables, made-up languages, and lyrics.
Hold down a vocal groove or “vamp” (2 to 4 bar musical phrase).
Trust and follow one’s own stream of musical ideas while also listening and contributing to the piece as a whole.
Experiment with vocal: percussion, bass lines, harmonies, and rhythms.
Improvise vocally as a solo and in duets, trios… to whole group.
Incorporate body movements and dance that supports the music being created, and vice versa.
Classes may also include:
Gentle body and breath exercises, vocal warm-ups, vocal exercises and games to strengthen your musical ear (pitch awareness, scales, etc.), musical influences from around the word, as well as various musical genres.

We will be singing a cappella.

Recommended to bring:
Water bottle
Healthy individual snack
Comfortable clothes to move in

Benefits of Collaborative Vocal Improvisation
Singing enhances mood, builds lung capacity, and adds to our powers of concentration.
Singing in improvisational formats increases our ability to engage with life and each other in creative, productive ways.
Singing collaboratively fosters positive connections with others (including ourselves) and builds community. We learn when to lead, and when to follow, and when to share leadership. We learn to listen to the whole, glean what is needed, and step forward and contribute our own unique voice. We create good works together and share them with the world. We deepen our trust in ourselves, each other, and in the power of what we can create together.

See our Summer Camp FAQs page for more details about the after-camp activities, what campers need to bring, our drop policy and more.

Skill Level Recommendations and Audition Info
No particular experience or skills are required to join Vocal Improv for Kids.

Camp Tuition Fee: $250

  • Discounts of up to $150 are available to students whose household incomes qualify through Blue Bear’s sliding scale tuition program.
  • Register two siblings (or one child for two camps) and save $50 off the second camp!
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