Battle Of The Brands

Blue Bear School of Music & Silicon Valley Rocks present: Battle of the BRANDS….



Blue Bear School of Music, a 501(c)(3) Legacy Business in SF, is holding its first ever Battle of the Brands. We believe everyone should play the music they love and everyone should have the experience of learning to play music. Help us get music education to the underserved communities where programs are lacking by rocking out, to help out!

Blue Bear currently has classes in more than 22 public & private schools and community centers, citywide in SF. We are also expanding our music programming in local homeless shelters. Everyone deserves to play music. You can support Blue Bear by forming a band, submitting a band, or sponsoring a band.


Support a band!

Six San Francisco companies have stepped up to submit bands for the competition. They all have one thing in common. They believe in music education. Who will rock the house and win Blue Bear School of Music first annual Battle of the Brands? 


A CUAD and the DATA GODS (MixPanel)

Black & Co (Akkadian)

Bo & Co (Spotify)

Rainbow Lite and the Death Skulls  (Cox Media Technology)

Bleed (Google, Bon Appetit, Blue Bear)

The Rogerz



To become a sponsor contact

Renee will tell you about all the fabulous benefits of sponsorship, not to mention our endless gratitude for helping everyone play the music they love. Your support goes a long way to sustain music education programs.






















Join us on Thursday November 30th at the Chapel, SF.  Buy tickets, and don’t forget to select the band you are supporting!

If you would like to donate to one of the bands, check out our team pages. You will be asked to create a free account with kindful.

We also accept check donations by mail: Blue Bear School of Music, Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture, Bldg.D, 2 Marina Blvd. SF, CA 94123. Payable to: Blue Bear School of Music. Please note the name of the band you are supporting on your check.

If you would like to donate to support the event, click here.



Rules? We don’t need no stinkin’ rules!

Um, yeah we do…

  • The band will represent the company, or brand.
  • At least one member of the band must work for the company represented; if you hire U2, they have to let you sit in.
  • Only 7 bands will be chosen.
  • All band entries are subject to approval by Blue Bear and SVR & Celebrity Judge Panel.
  • Entries must be in by October 13th, 2017.
  • There is a $100 nonrefundable entry fee.

Commitment to Fundraising

  • Each band must aim for a minimum of $5,000 in fundraising between donations and ticket sales/sponsorships. If more bands apply than can play, a commitment to fundraising will be the primary factor in determining acceptance.
  • If your band reaches a fundraising goal of $7,000 you will receive 3 hours of band coaching from the staff at Blue Bear.
  • Blue Bear will actively support your fundraising efforts through marketing and promotion.

Event Proceeds

    • Pick your program! We invite you to raise funds for specific programs at Blue Bear.
      • Outreach Programming – help bring Blue Bear teachers and curriculum into schools and community centers citywide in SF.
      • Little Bears – help bring Blue Bear’s early childhood development music programs into areas currently underserved, including new programs in local family shelters.
      • Scholarship Program – help fund Blue Bear’s scholarship and sliding-scale programs, because everyone deserves to play music!
    • Each band will be set up with a crowd-funding page for band fundraising and your efforts will be supported with Blue Bear marketing, promotion and network activation.
    • All donations should be made to Blue Bear School of Music; be sure donors specify which band they are supporting.
    • Proceeds from ticket sales and sponsorship will cover the expense of the concert. All remaining proceeds will be used in support of Blue Bear programs.


The winner of the event will be the band with the highest total score. Scoring is divided into equal categories:

      • 1/4 will be determined by each band’s donation total.
      • 1/4 will be determined by each band’s ticket and sponsorship total.
      • 1/4 will be determined by audience voting and donations
      • 1/4 will be determined by a Panel of celebrity judges.  Judges will score each band in three categories: technical ability, creativity, and audience participation.

The winning band will get a day of studio recording with Ben Bernstein Music.  This would include 8 hours with Producer/Engineer Ben Bernstein at a large format recording studio in the East Bay.  Also included is a 1 hour pre-session consultation.

They will also be invited as the opening act for upcoming Blue Bear events, possibly even at the Fillmore!

Official prizes to be added and incentive prizes will also be offered.

Playing the Event

      • A live emcee will preside over the competition.
      • Lighting, sound, “back line” equipment and production will be provided by Blue Bear.
      • The concert will be professionally photographed; the high resolution photo files will be sent to all participants.
      • If the budget allows, the concert will be professionally filmed; the digital files will be sent to all participants.
      • Playlist
        • Finalists are limited to one 20-minute set.
        • While finalists can play originals (with Blue Bear approval), we encourage bands to play high-energy rock/pop covers.
        • Accepted finalists must submit a final playlist and band members’ details to Blue Bear not later than Nov. 3.
        • Song selection is on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis. The first bands to commit and send playlists have the first pick of songs – this is to ensure that everyone is not playing the same Green Day song.
        • Each band’s final playlist will be subject to approval by Blue Bear.
      • Order of Play
        • Order of play will be determined one week prior to the event.
        • The band with the highest combined (ticket sales, sponsorship) fundraising by Nov. 23rd will select their place in the order of play; the band with the second highest will then choose and so on.
      • Sound Check
        • Sound check will be the afternoon of the concert, generally between 3-6pm.
        • Finalists’ sound check spots will be in reverse order of play.
      • Encore
        • The winning band will play a one-song encore provided the band is present and there is enough time. If possible, a celebrity judge might sit in!!