Cancel a Private Lesson

Private Lesson Policies

To cancel a lesson or semi-private lesson call 415.673.3600 or send an email to
  • Notify the Blue Bear desk in person, by phone or by email – not your teacher!
  • For lessons canceled with less than two days notice you will be charged in full so that your teacher can be paid for the reserved time.
If your lesson is on: You need to notify desk by:
Monday Saturday 3:30 pm
Tuesday Anytime Sunday (leave a message)
Wednesday Monday 8 pm
Thursday Tuesday 8 pm
Friday Wednesday 8 pm
Saturday Thursday 8 pm
Sunday Anytime Friday (leave a message)

Office hours are Monday to Thursday 1-8 pm and Saturday 10:30 am – 3:30 pm. Blue Bear’s phone number is 415.673.3600.

To drop your lessons

Please tell us when you want to discontinue your lessons! We assume that you will be continuing lessons forever, even when your lesson package ends. If you wish to take a leave of absence, please notify us at least two days before your next scheduled lesson.

Please tell us if you’d like to try a different teacher or instrument anytime!

Private Lesson Refund Policy

Any remaining lesson credit is refundable for one year after your last charged lesson. Any outstanding credit also lapses at this time. For partial refunds on a four-lesson or ten-lesson discount package, charged lessons will be pro-rated at the next higher rate.