Blue Bear School of Music

It’s time to play!

“I learned more about music in my two recent Blue Bear classes than in the prior 10 years of music study at three different schools, up and down California.”
– Glenn R.

“I would highly recommend Blue Bear as the go-to place for your children’s musical experiences!”
– Kristen L.


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What we do - adults

We're here to help your inner musician rock! Lessons and classes in most instruments and voice for all levels - it's time to play!


What we do - kids and teens

We offer private lessons throughout the year, plus after-school group classes, weekend All Star Bands and Summer Camps!


What we do - toddlers

Little Bears classes weave traditional, folk, world and popular music with storytelling, dance, games and exposure to real instruments to create a unique musical experience for each child plus parent/caregiver