Raz Kennedy

Throughout his career, Raz Kennedy has acquired a wealth of knowledge pertaining to vocal mechanics and expression through intensive study with master vocal coaches Jane Sharp, Seth Riggs, William “Hannibal” Means, and Miles Griffith.  Raz has also been coached by Katie Agresta, Jeanette LoVetri, and Ken Tamplin and explored the Jo Estill singing method.  Most recently, Raz became an Authorized CVT (Complete Vocal Technique) Teacher, having studied for nearly 6 years in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Complete Vocal Institute under the direction of master vocal coach/researcher, Cathrine Sadolin.  Additional musical study includes work with Tikey Zes at San Jose State College, Phil Matson at Foothill College, Andy Narell, Julian “Pepo” Priester, and Carolyn Brandy.
Raz’s eclectic performance credits include serving as a founding member of the internationally acclaimed Bobby McFerrin’s Voicestra and performing as a background vocalist on recordings for many legendary artists, including Whitney Houston,  Al Jarreau, and Kenny Loggins.  Raz was co-founder with Pollyanna Bush of “The Porazone Love Project.”  Raz has also provided backing vocals on the stage for Narada Michael Walden, Sting, Santana, Rebeca Mauleon, Jennifer Berezan, and Mickey Hart among many others.  Raz currently performs in his very own live performance project, “The Raz Kennedy Show,” comprised of Raz on lead vocals, guitarist Matthew Charles Heulitt, bassist Kai Eckhardt and drummer Hassan Hurd.
For nearly four decades, Raz has professionally trained and coached singers of all ages, levels, and every musical style.  As a vocal instructor, his mission is to place the desires and wishes of each singer first and foremost.  He achieves the best results in enabling the singer to attain his or her goals by using teaching methods and pedagogical tools that work in harmony with how the voice functions most naturally, not against it.
His teaching methods are based in scientific analysis of vocal anatomy, as well as in a rich understanding of music history and ethnomusicology.  With this knowledge as the foundation of his teaching, he is most effective in helping singers to achieve expressive and dynamic, free and easy, healthy, and safe approaches to singing.
With over 40 years of extensive formal training, integrated with Raz’s personal and professional singing experience, Raz has come to believe that any healthy person can learn to sing well without vocal hindrance or discrepancy whatsoever.  It is his intention to be an advocate for and to assist anyone who desires to explore the expressive liberating experience of singing.
Raz teaches a group class at Blue Bear.