Band Showcases

Fall Session Blue Bear Showcases

Student bands rock the house!

December 12-15, 7 – 11 pm

Boom Boom Room
1601 Fillmore St., San Francisco

Winter Workshop Showcases: April 3-6

$12-$20 Donation Requested

Proceeds Benefit Blue Bear School of Music

When they enrolled in Band Workshops, many Blue Bear School of Music students wondered what it’s like to actually play in a band. They’ll find out first-hand when they take the stage at the Blue Bear Showcases.

Blue Bear Band Workshops are student bands organized by the school that rehearse with a professional musician who coaches the band in group playing and arrangement. For 10 weeks, the aspiring musicians rehearse a set which they then perform live in a San Francisco club at the end of the class session. The shows are always lively, and proceeds help support Blue Bear’s nonprofit mission to make music education fun and affordable for anyone who is motivated to play or sing or craft a song.

During the showcases run, student bands ranging from rock to blues to soul and R&B and more perform live, plus we often feature performances by local artists, Blue Bear alumni, teacher bands and the best youth bands around.

Connect with your Blue Bear community and enjoy four fun-filled evenings of music!

Join a Blue Bear Band!

Check out photos from past showcases.