Upcoming Events


MARCH 2018

Sunday, March 25th: 12:30-4pm

Youth All-Star Band Showcase at the Bottom of the Hill

Join us for a full day of music as our Blue Bear All-Star bands (ages 11-17) showcase their talent on stage in front of friends and family. From classic rock to heavy metal and even an original tune or two, celebrate the accomplishments of these budding young rockers.

Tickets are free, donations welcome!

APRIL 2018

Monday, April 2nd – Thursday, April 5th : 7pm

Adult Band Workshop Showcase – Boom Boom Room

Join us for a series of shows aimed at celebrating the students who have completed the adult band workshop classes. Expect lots of covers and lots of fun!






Tickets are free, donations welcome!

Tuesday, April 3rd: 7pm

DJ Workshop Showcase – Monarch

Electronic music is an art form and our students from the adult DJ workshop class have been honing their skillz on the legendary sound system at Monarch, show up and get down!



Tickets are free, donations welcome!




Saturday, April 21st : 3pm

Youth Rockcital- Blue Bear School of Music | Fort Mason

Blue Bear’s youth Rockcital is a performance event for young students (aged 4 to 15) to showcase and perform a song, snippet, short piece (or anything they’re proud to have learned) to their friends and family!







Tickets are free, donations welcome!



JUNE 2017

Summer Camps Begin

(info and registration)