Teaching at Blue Bear

• We are not currently hiring, but opportunities arise suddenly and we move quickly to interview and take on new teachers.
• Email your resume to teach@bluebearmusic.org.
• Please include teaching experience, styles of music you cover, educational background, any performing experience, and what instrument(s) you teach.
• Teachers are usually hired for a single day of private lesson teaching to start, usually a late afternoon and evening during the week, or a Saturday morning and afternoon. Good student retention and feedback can result in adding more days of teaching, as well as the possibility of some group class teaching.
• In addition to instrument and voice teachers Blue Bear hires teachers for Garageband classes and other “making beats” kinds of programs. These are outreach programs that usually occur on site at various locations around San Francisco. Most programs are for middle and high school kids, though we also have programs for elementary school kids including “Instrument Petting Zoo,” “Sing/Dance!,” “Sing Like a Pop Star,” and “Musical Theater.” Please see the Outreach Program pages on this website for more information and please submit your resume if you feel like you are a good match for one or more of these programs.
• Blue Bear also hires for our Little Bears program. See a separate application form here: https://bluebearmusic.org/teach-little-bears/