Ted O’Connell Scholarship Fund

The Ted O’Connell Memorial Scholarship Fund


Ted O’Connell was a guitar player, luthier, amplifier designer, furniture builder and mountain biker much beloved in the Marin County community. He taught at the Marin location of Blue Bear summer camps for many years, where he influenced and inspired the young guitarists with whom he worked.

His passion for tone, idiosyncratic ideas, and judicious use of the Fender Stratocaster whammy bar are well-known to serious guitarists and music-lovers in Marin. Ted was a fixture in the San Anselmo/Fairfax music scene, exemplified by his 14-year Saturday morning residency at the San Anselmo Coffee Roasters with his duo partner and best friend Frank Bohan, often accompanied by fellow musicians Jeb Harrison, Kevin Hayes, Dave Burns, aka the Troublemakers.

The depth to which Ted influenced people with whom he came into contact in any capacity is hard to overstate, and the community was deeply saddened by his unexpected passing on January 3, 2015 at the age of 57 years old. Through a generous donation from The Schow Foundation, Blue Bear has instituted a Ted O’Connell Memorial Scholarship Fund for young musicians.

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