SoMa Music Lessons

  • Tuesdays-Saturdays
    • 9:30 am-6 pm
  • Weekly or every-other-week
    • (weekly only for half-hours)
  • Guitar – acoustic or electric
  • Bass & Ukulele
  • Instruments provided onsite
  • Rock, blues, jazz, classical
  • 156 2nd Street

DetailsPrivate lessons on guitar

MUSIC LESSONS (@WeWork – SoMa)All ages, all levels

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Ongoing lessons require our annual $35 Member Fee.
An initial trial lesson can be scheduled without the Member Fee for a discount – $25 for a half-hour, $50 for an hour.

Blue Bear “hours” are 55 minutes, and “half-hours” are 25 minutes.

Private Hours:
1 les. 4 les. 10 les.
Guitar: $85 $335* $735

*$10 discount for autopay

Two-day cancellation policy
There is no charge for a lesson canceled with at least 2 days’ notice before the close of business (Mon-Thu 8 pm, Sat 3:30 pm). Tuesday lessons can notify anytime on Sunday. Let us know at

Lesson Package expirations
Even though you are not charged for a timely-canceled lesson, lesson packs have expiration dates: 4-packs expire 32 days after the first lesson, 10-packs expire 72 days after the first lesson. So you have five weeks to use four lessons and eleven weeks to use ten lessons. (Package expiration dates are adjusted for every-other-week lessons, holidays and teacher cancellations.)

Private Half-hours:
1 les. 4 les. 10 les.
Guitar: $43 $170* $380

*$5 discount for autopay

Expired Lessons
There are no refunds for expired lessons, but you may still use an expired lesson! For up to a year after expiration, you can gift the lesson to a friend or use the lesson as an extra lesson for yourself.
What is an “extra lesson”?
If you take weekly lessons, an extra lesson is a second lesson in a week. If you take every-other-week lessons, an extra lesson is a lesson during your off-week or a second lesson during your on-week. Nothing else is an “extra lesson.” You may use expired lessons as a gift for someone else whether or not you are scheduled for recurring lessons.

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A Note on our Cancellation Policy
When you commit to recurring lessons, you are reserving a teacher’s time. If you have to cancel a lesson we are usually unable to make use of that time for another student. Our expired lesson policy describes how you can schedule makeups.
Stopping Lessons
We assume you are continuing until you let us know otherwise. To avoid being charged for lessons at the end of your pack, let us know you wish to stop, two days before your regular lesson time.
Private Lesson Refund Policy
If you discontinue your lessons and come off the schedule, remaining credit can be held for a year after the last lesson taken. You may request a credit refund any time during this year.