Band Workshops

  • Student bands organized by the school
  • Rehearse with pro musician/ coach
  • Students select repertoire
  • Fall Showcases Dec. 10-13 at Boom Boom Room
  • PA, drums, amps and keys supplied
  • Full band: 2 singers, 2 guitars, bass, drums, keys, horns
  • Winter bands start Jan. 14-20



Join a band, rehearse, then gig!

Guitarists easily play
open and bar chords

Drummers steady at fast and
slow tempi; fill comfortably; play
rock and blues grooves

Bass players play various grooves
easily; lock with drummer

Singers sing in tune and
memorize lyrics

Keyboard players form major
and minor triads without notation

Everyone learn parts by ear

Intermediate band members
one year band experience; read charts