Battle Of The Brands


Come for the music. Stay for the head-to-head competition.

November 8th, 2019 at the Chapel, SF. Don’t miss Blue Bear’s 3rd annual BATTLE OF THE B®ANDS!

During this awesome annual fundraiser, local companies sponsor bands to perform on their behalf. The bands rock out, raise funds, and try to win YOUR votes!


During Battle of the Brands, we invite the music makers and corporations that call this city home to take part in a night of spirited competition to support music in our community!

Seven bands will play their hearts out, and one will reign supreme. ALL of them will be raising money for a fantastic cause: Blue Bear School of Music outreach and scholarship programs! We call that a win-win-win!

You can support your favorite band by buying tickets for the event, making a donation, or getting some super fun band merch!

For almost 50 years, Blue Bear has operated with a simple mission; we believe everyone should play the music they love and everyone should have the experience of learning to play music. Events like Battle of the Brands help us raise the necessary funds to get music education into underserved communities. And you can help by joining us and enjoying some awesome bands!

Submit your band application HERE
Buy tickets and band merch (sales start 7/25 HERE!)
Make a donation in support of your band HERE (link coming soon!)
For any additional info, contact

How to Apply

GET READY TO ROCK! Here’s everything you need to know to be a Blue Bear Battle of the Brands Band

1. First, fill out a band application HERE

2. Save the date.  Friday, November 8, 2019, doors at 6pm
The Chapel, 777 Valencia, San Francisco. Tickets & Info:

3. Await the line-up. Open submission begins 6/1. Bands chosen will be notified by 8/25. Begin  crafting your AWESOME 5-song set.

4. Feel good about yourself, because you’re helping Blue Bear Rock!  Battle of the Brands is a super fun night of rock, but even more importantly, it’s one of the Blue Bear’s biggest fundraising events of the year!  The money we raise supports out outreach programs and fills our scholarship coffers. Your participation in Battle of the Brands brings more music into our community, and more joy into the world.

5. Start getting those votes / sponsorships / ticket sales! Fundraising is the name of the game, and we’ll help you figure out your strategy. Each band commits to raising at least $5000 for Blue Bear, and that can be done in many ways.

    • Corporate sponsorship. Ask your company to donate. (Sponsor form coming soon!)
    • Donations from friends. Your pals can buy “votes”, and help you win!
    • Ticket sales. Invite everyone you know! 
  • Merch sales. We’ll help you design a band tee shirt, all your friends will want one!

Ticket sales open 6/25, Voting opens 8/25.

6. Live your rockstar dreams! Your band will play one of the coolest stages in SF. Your adoring fans, decked out in your band concert shirt, will go crazy as you rock your set! Band line-up will be determined by pre-event fundraising (most raised as of 10/15 gets first choice slot, etc.)

7. Cross your fingers, and try to unseat last year’s champs! Winners will be determined by a combination of: event judging panel, online and event night votes, and funds raised. Along with throngs of adoring fans, winners earn the coveted Blue Bear guitar trophy.

The 2018 B®ANDS



CBS Radio

Blue Bear School of Music All Star Band

Just For All

Special Guests

2018 Sponsors

To be a sponsor of Battle of the B®ands 2019 contact:



    • Band will represent a company, aka brand.
    • At least one member of the band must work for the company represented; if your company hires U2, they have to let you sit in
    • Only 7 bands will be chosen
    • All band entries are subject to approval by the Blue Bear panel and event committee
    • Each band must commit to a minimum of $5,000 in fundraising (through sponsorship, corporate match, ticket sales, etc.)

Please email for more information.


Since we began BATTLE OF THE BRANDS in 2017, we’ve raised more than $40,000 to support Blue Bear School of Music and its music education programs!

Past Sponsors