Pay Tuition

You’re in the wrong place if:

You’re in the right place if:

Standard Fees

This information is for reference; you’ll be able to fill in any amount in case your balance due is different from these categories.

Annual Member Fee
Family Member Fee
Group Classes
Band Workshops
Short Seminars

Private Hour Lessons

1 lesson 4 lessons 10 lessons
Most instruments $73 $275/$285 $640
Drums, Voice, Sax $78 $295/$305 $690
FiDi Guitar $80 $305/$315 $710

Private Half-hour or Shared-with-a-friend Hours (per student)

1 lesson 4 lessons 10 lessons
Most instruments $40 $147/$152 $350
Drums, Voice, Sax $42 $160/$165 $370
FiDi Guitar $43 $165/$170 $380

Private Lesson Policies

To cancel a lesson or semi-private lesson:
  • Notify the Blue Bear desk, not your teacher!
  • For lessons canceled in person, by phone (415.673.3600) or by email (cancel@ with two days notice (see schedule below), you will not be charged.
  • For lessons cancelled with less than two days notice you will be charged in full so that your teacher can be paid for the reserved time.
If your lesson is on: You need to notify desk by:
Monday Saturday 3 pm
Tuesday Anytime Sunday (leave a message)
Wednesday Monday 8 pm
Thursday Tuesday 8 pm
Friday Wednesday 8 pm
Saturday Thursday 8 pm
Sunday Anytime Friday (leave a message)

Our office hours are Monday to Thursday 1-8 pm and Saturday 10:30 am – 3 pm. Blue Bear’s phone number is 415.673.3600, or you email If you are charged for a lesson for which tuition is owed, we will ask you to catch up on tuition to confirm your next lesson.

We may sometimes call to ask if you’re able to move your lesson time on a particular date. If the change is not convenient, feel free to keep your usual time. We are not calling to cancel your regular lesson time unless we state that very clearly.

To drop your lessons

Please tell us when you want to discontinue your lessons! We assume that you will be continuing lessons forever, even when your lesson package ends. If you wish to take a leave of absence, please notify us at least two days before your next scheduled lesson.

Please tell us if you’d like to try a different teacher or instrument anytime!

Private Lesson Refund Policy

Any remaining lesson credit is refundable for one year after your last charged lesson. Any outstanding credit also lapses at this time. For partial refunds on a four-lesson or ten-lesson discount package, charged lessons will be pro-rated at the next higher rate.

Group Class Policies

Group Class Drop Policy

In order to receive a partial refund or credit for a class you wish to drop, you must inform us two days prior to the second meeting of the class. If you are unable to finish a class due to changes in your schedule or life, we are often able to let you retake the same class in the future and just pay the deposit amount (15% of the class tuition unless otherwise noted) on a space-permitting basis.

Group Class and Music Community Refund Policy

If you want a refund for any group program, you must let us know at least two days before the second class or workshop meeting. We will be happy to refund or transfer your credit except for the Music Community membership fee and deposit amount (15% of the class tuition in most cases). The membership fee and deposit amounts are not refundable or transferable. After the second course meeting, there are no refunds or transfers of credit.

Please note that the Blue Bear Music Community membership fee is not refundable. The benefits that come with the membership fee are good for one year from the date of purchase.

Gift Certificate Returns

Gift certificates do not lapse. Refunds for unused gift certificates (minus a processing fee of 5% or $15, whichever is greater) are available within one year from date of purchase and will be given to the receiver of the gift upon presentation of the certificate to Blue Bear. After one year from date of purchase, refunds will no longer be available, however the certificate is still valid for Blue Bear programs.

Privacy Policy

Information collected on this website will not be shared, sold or rented with any other organization. We will respect your requests regarding use of your information. When you submit an online application we will add you to our postal and email mailing list, from which you can be removed at your request.