Blue Bear FiDi

Blue Bear FiDi

1 Sansome Street (Citigroup Building, 35th floor)
Neart Sutter and Market, close to Montgomery BART/Muni Station

Parking is very limited and we suggest students use mass transit or walk/bike to their lessons.

The main entrance on Sansome Street is currently closed due to renovation; enter through the side entrance on Sutter Street. All guests of 1 Sansome are required to check in at the front desk on the ground floor. A security guard will escort you to the elevator and let you up to the 35th floor. Do not try to get on the elevator on your own as you need a security clearance to operate it!

Once on the 35th floor you will find a small lobby where you can check in with the secretary and wait for your lesson to begin. Please keep in mind that the 35th floor of 1 Sansome is a mixed office floor with many different companies, the secretaries at the desk do not work for Blue Bear and will not be able to help you with any Blue Bear-related inquiries. Once you have checked in with the front desk on the 35th floor, your teacher will know that you have arrived and will come get you at your lesson time. Please keep in mind that lessons are frequently scheduled “back-to-back” and that it is the responsibility of the student to arrive on time for their lesson.

Blue Bear FiDi provides all instruments for lessons; students do not need to bring their own. Because of our unusual location in an office building, we do all of our lessons on sound-reduced semi-hollow body electric guitars and chambered acoustic-electric guitars; these instruments can be heard very clearly within the confines of our room but are not audible outside of the lesson space. True acoustic guitars and amplified electric guitars are too loud for the floor during regular business hours so we ask that students leave those instruments at home.

We hope that you enjoy your lessons at Blue Bear FiDi and welcome you as part of the Blue Bear extended family!”

For more information call our Fort Mason office: