Guitar Camps

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Guitar Camps

Guitar CampersLocation
Blue Bear School of Music, Fort Mason Center

Summer 2017 Schedule
Jazz Guitar Camp – July 5-7
Wednesday – Friday, 10 am – 3 pm, with a longer day on Friday for a performance.
Rock Guitar Camp – July 17-21
Monday – Friday, 10 am – 3 pm, with a longer day on Friday for a performance.

Rock Guitar Camp Details
This camp is for kids going into grades 7-11 (fall 2017). In this camp, students will work on lead and rhythm guitar techniques, writing their own guitar parts, learning classic guitar solos, and crafting different guitar tones with amps and effects. Students will perform on Friday afternoon. Teacher: J.T. Locke

Jazz Guitar Camp Details
In Jazz Guitar Camp, students who are comfortable with bar chords and major scales, but don’t have much experience with jazz harmony, will learn about chord voicings, scales, and soloing approaches to tunes from the standard jazz repertoire. Students should have some experience with traditional music notation. Teacher: ab Menon

See our Summer Camp FAQs page for more details about the after-camp activities, what campers need to bring, our drop policy and more.

Skill Level Recommendations and Audition Info
Campers should have been playing two years or more and know open chords, E and A form barre chords, and minor pentatonic scales. Auditions are not required for these camps.

Jazz Guitar Camp Tuition: $300
Rock Guitar Camp Tuition: $495

  • Discounts of up to $400 are available to students whose household incomes qualify through Blue Bear’s sliding scale tuition program.
  • Register two siblings (or one child for two camps) and save $50 off the second camp!
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